About Us

When your family is coming over for dinner you want to serve them only the best, right? That’s how we feel about our guests; you’re guests at our dining room table, not just a table with a number. We have a seat for everyone.

County Seat’s menu was designed around the history of the Town of Livingston. The mid 1800’s was a true gem of an era with amazing foods and cultures surrounding the thriving areas like Livingston. In our food we honor our past by returning to their style of provisions. Our local farmers will be supplying us with their goods on a regular basis from produce to dairy, livestock, free range fowl and even the wood to fire our unique grill. We will keep everything as close to home as we possibly can while making healthy food from our fresh ingredients. While we focus on farm to table we will take our focus further into charcuterie. Charcuterie is the art of curing and preserving meats. This was the way food was preserved before refrigeration and a huge part of the heritage of Livingston.

While what’s on the table is important so is the atmosphere around you. A seat for everyone means several different styles of dining and that is exactly what we have created. From a long community table to enjoy with whoever might sit beside you, to quaint booths that have a perfect view of the open show kitchen, to the outdoor patio facing our gorgeous Madison County sunsets – there is literally a seat for everyone at our table.